Professional 3D Assets & Training

3D Models World its not just another 3d store, we are helping the community to get the best quality VFX education and provide amazing tools and 3d assets. we are actively working with our followers and subscribers to provide the highest quality training and resources.

Free Tutorials

With over 80+ in-depth Maya and After Effects tutorials available to watch on our Youtube Channel.

Online Courses

We are growing our online courses to give you all the resources you need to create amazing Films, Commercials and Game Cinematics.

High Quality Assets

Industry standard 3d assets and professional tools to help you get your project on time. you may have seen our assets in commercials and games!

Over One Million Views & 30+ Thousand Hours Of Online Training Watched…

What Differentiate Us From Other Websites. You Asked?

We Simply Care

Outstanding customer support, you can see what our customers are saying, we will not leave you alone in your journey, we get back to you asap sometimes within seconds.

3D Assets

All our 3d assets created by our in house team and we are constantly reviewing and improving them. Other stores use various authors with various quality standards, no gambling with us, our models are guaranteed to work and if it doesn’t we will give you a refund.

We are not a Store

We are not another store, we are artists just like you and we are working to improve the quality of our fellow artists career and give them great VFX training and Tools. check out what our customers are saying about our tools.

Last but not least, Does This Sounds Familiar?

You go to a popular 3d store and you find a model you like so you buy it and once you open it to your surprise the model is messed up or have some weird values/issues that it didnt show up on the sellers page, its very frustrating, we have been there many times. so why this happens?

90% of online stores rely on different authors to submit 3d models to their site, so this way they will have no quality control whatsoever over the 3d assets that they sell, and in return the customer support becomes very difficult and time consuming, so your experience as a customer becomes very unpredictable and most of the time you end up not happy with the 3d asset you purchased and you have to spend lots of hours and energy to fix the issues/model or redoing it from scratch, instead of saving time and money you end up wasting lots of time, money and most importantly energy.

We are avoiding this issue by actually caring about the quality of our products and our customers trust, also by having our own in-house team of industry professionals to take care of creating our 3d assets, training and tools, we got your back! 🙂