Scatter obj Maya Tool Script

3d-model-scatering-maya-script scatter-3d-script-maya-modeling5

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scatterObj is for distributing objects across any poly surface, this script is very easy to use and it will help you scatter objects quickly. it uses the surface/polygon vertex to spread the objects.

How to use the script:

1) Make sure that your source geometry “tree” Or “Grass” pivot point is in the right position “usually at the bottom”.
2) Select the surface like the ground first and then select the object you want it to be scattered last like the tree or grass.

1) Copy the script to Maya script folder .

2) Open Maya, in the script editor load the script and then select the script and add it as “Mel” button to your shelf.

– Align To Surface: Tick this button if you want the objects to follow the orientation of the surface, like for hair or grass.
– Translation: You can adjust the value to get random results in the translation X and Z.
– Rotation: You can adjust the value to get random results in the rotations X Y Z.
– Scale: You can adjust the value to get random results in the scale X Y Z.

scatter-3d-script-maya-modeling1  scatter-3d-script-maya-modeling4


Smite: Battleground of the Gods Cinematic/Making of

Smite: Battleground of the Gods from RealtimeUK on Vimeo.

Check out this very cool cinematic by “RealtimeUK” for the game “Smite” we are a big fan of RealtimeUK’s work and we always enjoy their attention to details and quality in the cinematics and commercials that they produce.

Here is the making of:

RealtimeUK Making of “Smite: Battleground of the Gods” from RealtimeUK on Vimeo.

Here is a link for their website:


The Expanse – Opening Titles

The Expanse – Opening Titles from BREEDER on Vimeo.

Check out this awesome opening titles for the “Expanse” show, the team at Breeder studio in Australia, did such great job capturing the story of the show and adding their own artistic vibe to it!
well done! also really nice music!

Here is a breakdown The Expanse Opining Titles:

The Expanse – Breakdown from BREEDER on Vimeo.

Directed by Breeder
Creative Direction & Design: Joyce N. Ho
Producer: Candace Marshall
Lead Animation & Compositing: Chris Morris
Compositing: Alex Gee & Joyce N. Ho
2D Animation: Joyce N. Ho, Alex Gee & Ryan McShane
3D Animation Lead: Brad Coomber
3D Animation: Alex Gee & Chris Morris
Editing & Colour: Alex Gee
Additional Design: Ryan McShane

link to the studio:


Lily and the Snowman

Check out this beautiful and heartwarming short film Lily and the Snowman done by Hornet Films.
This short film created for Cineplex and it features Genesis’ “Follow You Follow Me” performed by Canadian singer Adaline.



Christmas Songs / Carols List

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays from Our Team 3D Models World!


We created this animation to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with everyone!! please feel free to share, Thanks!

Christmas Songs / Carols list:

We Wish You a Merry Christmas ( 0:00)
Jingle Bells ( 2:22 )
12 Days of Christmas ( 4:41)
O Come All Ye Faithful ( 6:51)
Deck the Halls ( 9:48 )
First Noel ( 11:49 )
Joy to the World ( 13:59 )
Hark the Herald Angels Sing ( 16:23 )
Silent Night ( 18:34 )
O Christmas Tree ( 20:42 )
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem ( 23:19 )

Love! 🙂



Camera Projection/Mapping Tutorial

This camera projection tutorial will show you how to take a 2d image and convert it into 3d using camera mapping/projection technique in Maya 2015.

Implementing camera projection in your workflow will help you immensely to save time and get great results faster for your projects.

Tutorial Outline:

  • Start editing the image in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Create the scene in Autodesk Maya 2015 by adding a camera then creating the box and the ground plane.
  • Create and tweak the projection shaders in Maya.
  • Create the camera animation.
  • Finalize the scene and prepare the image sequence for output.
  • Create the final comp in Adobe AfterEffects.

The same methods can be applied to any other 3d software.

Please feel free to download the same image that used in this tutorial if you want to follow along with the video.

Image Source:


Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from 3d models world team!

Hope you will have a great halloween! be bold and creative, we hope you will achieve all your dreams and wishes!!!


Male Head 3D Model Details

Creating characters is not an easy task, for us one of the most important thing when creating any model and publish it to our store, is usability.

What we mean by usability? well we want to make sure that our models will work very well in all other departments and not just the modelling department.

For example when we created this head, our main focus was to make this head, rig and animation friendly,  we make sure that the edge loops are flowing well and the eyes is clear and visible without any textures so if an animator is animating this model, they will be able to see the eyes direction without having any textures turned on and that will save lot of time and energy.

We also wanted to make sure the texturing is very high quality, we hand painted 4k textures for the head 3d model to make sure it will render well for closeup shots.

MaleHead_3dmodel1 MaleHead_3dmodel7

Model General Details:

  • High detailed Male head 3d model, All images rendered with Mental ray, all the lights and the camera is included in the “MB” file for Maya.
  • All the textures are in .jpg format.
  • 4K texture maps for the head.
  • 2K texture maps for the iris.
  • 1K texture maps for the eyeball.
  • All the textures are hand painted.
  • No third party render or plugins is needed.
  • 6 high resolution texture maps included.
  • Animation and rig friendly model.

Click here: Male Head 3D Model for full details and specs.

MaleHead_3dmodel9 MaleHead_3dmodel6

Click here: Male Head 3D Model for full details and specs.


Solar System 3D Model Details

We enjoyed creating the solar system 3d model it was fun project to do and we had a lot of fun, this solar system 3d model have very detailed textures, it have 2k colour map and 2k bump map for each planet, these models are low to mid poly so you can easily use them and duplicate them to create your own galaxy that is far far away!

Also one of the most exciting part when we created these planets, is the dynamic atmosphere shader that will give these planets a more unique look and make them more fun and alive and less dull and dead.

This shader will react to light and the camera angle as well so the planet will have a nice atmosphere around it no matter what angle its facing the camera, just note that this shader will only work on Maya, we included “.mb” file for maya users and “.fbx” file for non Maya users.

We created textures for the earth at night time just incase you want to use a transition from day time to night time so you guys are all set.

Hope you will like and enjoy working with these models.


Click here: solar system 3d model for the full details and specs.

Sample of a planet:

• 2K color map for the surface.
• 2K bump map for the surface.
• 2K Saturn ring color map.
• Dynamic atmosphere shader “included in the “MB” file for Maya”.


Solar_system_3dmodel_1 Solar_system_3dmodel_2

Click here: solar system 3d model for the full details and specs.