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Bridge Destruction Maya Dynamics Tutorial xShatter FX Simulation – Bullet Physics


Download xShatter Fx Simulation For Maya:

In this video I will show you how to create bridge demolition and explosions dynamic simulation in Maya in minutes using our latest FX tool xShatter FX Simulation, this very easy to use yet incredibly powerful dynamic simulation tool will allow any Maya artist from beginners to advanced users to create incredible VFX simulations very quickly without any previous knowledge of dynamics at all, the tool will do all the complicated work and you just need to let the tool know when the simulation will start.

Final Result

Rendering of the Bridge Destruction Simulation Using xShatter FX Simulation for Maya

xShatter Fx Simulation will allow you to:
1- Create demolition simulations.
2- Create directional explosions and standard explosion simulations.
3- Create destruction simulations easily.
4- Create magical type effects.
5- Create dust fx simulations.
6- Create smoke fx simulations.
7- Freeze dynamics at any certain point in time and convert them into models, like destruction scene with thousands of debris and rocks on the ground scattered randomly.
8- Over 7000 texture maps of pre-rendered smoke with up 3k in size.
9- Create space type dynamic effects and much much more…

Download xShatter Fx Simulation:

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