xShatter FX Simulation

Maya’s Most Artist Friendly Demolition And Explosions Dynamic Simulation Tool

xShatter FX Simulation 2.0 Allows You To

Create Demolition SimulationsCreate Dust FX Simulations
Create Directional and Standard Explosion SimulationsCreate Smoke FX Simulations
Create Destruction Simulations EasilyFreeze Dynamics at Any Point in Time and Convert Them Into Static Objects
Shatter Objects Into Chunks/Pieces in SecondsCreate Space Type Dynamic Effects and Much More…
Create Magic Type Effects

Easily Create Complex Simulations in Minutes Using xShatter FX Simulation For Maya

Very easy to use, yet incredibly powerful dynamic simulation tool that will allow any Maya artist from beginner to advanced users to create incredible VFX simulations very quickly without any previous knowledge of dynamics at all.

There is very few settings to adjust and these settings are very easy to understand and use.

Have full artistic control over the dynamic simulation.

Introducing Poly Shattering Generator 2.0

Shatter Thousands of Objects Quickly.

Select One or More Objects then Press Generate Fragments.

Fragments Will Have a New Custom Material Applied to Them.

Each Fragments in the Scene Can Use a Different Material. Just Rename the ShatterShader to Another Name. Tool Will Generate New Shader for the Next Fragments.

Poly Shattering Generator 2.0 is Part of the xShatter FX Simulation.


Shots Created Using xShatter FX Simulation

xShatter FX Simulation 2.0 have major performance improvements and new cool features. that will take the demolition and destruction simulations to the next level.

Have Full Creative Control Over Your Dynamic Simulations Using xShatter FX


Whats Included:

.ZIP File Contains the Tool with Shelf

0.5K to 3K Smoke Textures with Different Colors

20GB of High Resolution Smoke Textures

Installation Notes

Full Documentation and Live Support

Once you purchase the xShatter Fx Simulation tool you will access and download over 7000 smoke textures ranging from 512 pixels to 3K (20GB) these smoke textures are very unique and come in different colours, White, Black, Grey and Brown the file format is “.TIFF” with alpha channel included for easy implementation.

Works on Mac, Linux and Windows: Tested on the Following Maya Versions: Maya: 2018 and Above

xShatter FX Simulation Requires Bullet Physics Bundle in Maya to be Activated in Order to Work: The tool work hand in hand with the bullet physics engine to create the dynamic simulations.