USS Oliver Hazard Perry and UH 60M Black Hawk 3D Models Bundle

Legal Notice: The intellectual property depicted in this model, including the brand “sikorsky”, is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original rights holders.

USS Oliver Hazard Perry and UH 60M Black Hawk 3D Models Bundle, mid poly high detailed 3d models, created with great attention to details, the 3d model includes all the details of the real world Black Hawk Helicopter and USS Oliver Hazard Perry, ZIP file contains the following 3d formats “.MAX” “.OBJ” .FBX” “.3DS” “.ABC” files, and three 8129 x 8129 and 5K pixel texture maps per each model. the 3d models works very well for closeup still renders and animations as well, you can use it for military simulations, and cinematic animations as well.

Works with:
1. Maya
2. 3ds Max
3. C4D
And any other software that can import  “.ABC” “.FBX” ” .MAX “.OBJ” “.3DS” files.

Polycount for UH-60M Black Hawk 3D Model:
Faces: 33,448
Tris: 64,370
Verts: 35,177

Polycount for USS Oliver Hazard Perry 3D Model:
Faces: 148,726
Tris: 297,452
Verts: 164,044

UV: Yes
Texture Maps: Yes
Materials: Yes

Each Model Cost The Following:
UH 60M Black Hawk 3D Model: $99.99
USS Oliver Hazard Perry 3D Model: $120.99

Buying each 3d model individually will cost you around $220 its a good deal but even better if you buy this bundle you will get them at $159.98, you will not be able to find this great deal on other stores only here at 3D Models World you will get this kind of deals for the VFX and Game industry standard quality that we provide.

Detailed Information for the USS Oliver Hazard Perry and UH 60M Black Hawk 3D Models:

  • High quality mid poly 3d model correctly matching the real world Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk military helicopter and the USS Oliver Hazard Perry Battleship.
  • The models is optimized for rigging and animation with separated parts and pivots.
  • The UH-60M Black Hawk 3d model contains basic interior of the black hawk helicopter.
  • The 3d models is optimized and modelled with great attention to edge flow for best rendering results.
  • The ZIP file includes all the three texture maps.
  • UH-60M Black Hawk 3d model contains 8K texture maps, 8K diffuse map, 8K normal map, and 8K specular map.
  • USS Oliver Hazard Perry 3d model contains 5K texture maps, 5K diffuse map, 5K normal map, and 5K specular map.
  • The geometry and materials are grouped and named correctly for no confusion.
  • Everything is well organized for easy access.
  • The 3d model is ready to render immediately, no extra steps is necessary just import the scene, connect the textures and start rendering.
  • No extra plugins needed to render or import the 3d model.

Note: Ocean scene is not included in the files. (contact us if required the ocean as well)