Animal Cell 3D Model

Animal Cell 3D Model, low to mid poly 3d model created with great attention to details and realism, the 3d model includes all the details of the real world animal cell 3d model, the ZIP files contain the following 3d formats “.MAX” “.MA” .OBJ” “.FBX” “.ABC” files, the 3d model works very well for closeup still renders and animations as well, you can use it for medical animations, and cinematic animations as well.

Works with:
1. Maya
2. 3ds Max
3. C4D
And any other software that can import  “.MAX” “.MA” ” .OBJ “.FBX” “.ABC” files.

Polycount Animal Cell With Cilia (Low Poly Version):
Faces: 67,007
Tris: 130,920
Verts: 67,099

Polycount Animal Cell With Cilia (Mid to High Poly Version):
Faces: 300,406
Tris: 600,812
Verts: 302,396

Polycount Animal Cell Without Cilia (Low Poly Version):
Faces: 66,467
Tris: 129,840
Verts: 66,559

Polycount Animal Cell Without Cilia (Mid to High Poly Version):
Faces: 291,766
Tris: 583,532
Verts: 293,729

UV: Basic
Materials: Yes

The Animal Cell 3D Model created with attention to details to match the microorganism, the 3d model will work very well for close up renders and long shots, it is optimized for rendering and animation.

Detailed Information for the Animal Cell 3D Model:

  • High quality mid poly 3d model correctly matching the real world Animal Cell 3D Model.
  • The 3d model is optimized and modelled with great attention to edge flow for best rendering results.
  • The geometry and materials are grouped and named correctly for no confusion.
  • Main Objects are separated for complete control and customization.
  • Everything is well organized for easy access.
  • All the materials are named correctly.
  • The 3d model is ready to render immediately, no extra steps is necessary just import the scene and start rendering.
  • No extra plugins needed to render or import the 3d model.

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