Cam Follow Tool – Quickly Attach Camera to Selected Object in Maya

Quickly and easily attach your viewport camera to a selected object, this tool will help you focus the camera view on one object and follow it in non destructive way. (the video below contains a demo of the tool)

Works On Mac, Linux and PC: tested on the following Maya versions:
Maya: 2015 – 2020 and Above.

How To Use:
Select the object that you want the camera to follow, then press Attach.
To stop the camera from following the object press Detach.


  • Quickly attach your camera to any object in the scene.
  • No need to select the camera, the tool will attach the current camera for you.
  • Camera is connected in a non-destructive way so there will be no constraint in the camera channel or expressions.
  • Tool will respect the camera grouping or parenting hierarchy and will not affect that.
    Installation notes inside the downloadable files.

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  • Installation notes