Gojirasaurus 3D Model – VR – AR Ready

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Gojirasaurus 3D Model very high detailed low poly dinosaurus for photorealistic renders, “.OBJ” “.FBX” “.MAX” files, for games, architectural renderings and animations. perfect addition to your Jurassic World collection.

Gojirasaurus Unreal Engine 3D Model Realtime

Faces: 10,514
Tris: 20,980

This 3D Model is ready to use for game engines, works with Unreal Engine and Unity, simply import the FBX file and connect the textures, then everything will be ready to start using in your game/app.

You can find more historical information about this amazing Gojirasaurus on wikipedia.

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Works With The Following Softwares:

  • Maya
  • 3DS Max
  • Cinema 4D
  • Blender
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • “.OBJ” .FBX” “.MAX”

Detailed Information for the Gojirasaurus 3D Model:

  • Fully UV mapped.
  • 3900×3900 Pixel Body Color Map.
  • 3900×3900 Pixel Body Normal Map.
  • 3900×3900 Pixel Body Specular Map.
  • 1K Eye Color Map.
  • 1K Eye Bump Map.
  • 1K Eye Specular Map.
  • No plugins needed to open or render this model.
  • Everything is grouped and named correctly including the materials.
  • Everything is well organized for no confusion.
  • This 3d model is optimized for rigging/animation with proper edge flow and edge loops.
  • Low poly 3d model body poly count is 5686 polys.


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