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Your Support Means So Much To Me! Im Creating This Page so your contributions will allow me to Dedicate More Time to create Free Maya Tutorials and give You the Best Value Possible. These tutorials will go to our YouTube Channel and in the Tutorials Section in our website as well. Thank YOU so much!

Note: These payment options are only a one time transactions and not monthly or annually.

☕️ Buy Me a Coffee:  I will give you a 10% discount on All Assets at, your support means alot to me and I will keep creating Free Maya Tutorials.

🍺 Buy Me a Beer : I will give you a 15% discount on All Assets at Your support is very much appreciated I will keep creating Free Maya Tutorials for you guys!

🌯 Buy Me a Burrito: I will give you a 20% discount on All Assets at Your support means the world to me and will keep me creating Free Maya Tutorials.

👉Shoutout You will get a shoutout video with your name in it done in 3d cinematic way, I will add the shoutout to the next tutorial that goes to our Youtube channel. Your support will help me keep creating Maya Tutorials and will give you a 30% discount on all assets at

😎 Below Is The Shoutout Video: Your Name Will Be Added In This Video And Will Appear In My Next Maya Tutorial! – If Your Name is different than what you used at checkout then Please Contact Us and let me know which name you would like me to use. Thank you!


Help Me Keep Creating Free Maya Tutorials

Hey Guys! Adam here you know i have been creating Youtube videos for Maya and I love doing that for you. Almost everyday i receive kind comments from you and I wanted to create this page so you guys can contribute if you like and support me so I will be able to dedicate more time to keep creating Free Maya Tutorials and give you as much value as possible!

  • Up to 30% Discount on all assets at
  • Special Shoutout video will be created with Your Name that will appear in the Next Youtube Tutorial.
  • Your Support will allow me to dedicate more time to keep creating Free Maya Tutorials.


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