ProjShader Tool – Quickly Create Projection Shaders in Maya


Quickly create and attach projection shaders to a selected objects in Maya, this tool will help you create the projection shaders and assign them to polygon objects then connect the correct projection camera all in one easy step.(the video below contains a demo of the tool)

Please watch the video below to learn how to use the tool.

Works On Mac, Linux and PC: tested on the following Maya versions:
Maya: 2018 – 2024.

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How To Use:

  1. Select polygon objects.
  2.  Select the projection camera last.
  3. Click Project it.


  • Easily create multiple projection shaders in Maya.
  • The tool will create projection shader and connect it to the projection camera then assign it to the selected polygon objects.
  • Installation notes inside the downloadable files.

Please watch the video below on how to install the tool on Maya Shelf.

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Additional information

Free - Tip

Free, Tip


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