In This Maya tutorial we will be creating a very cool wet asphalt surface and also puddles using Maya 2018 and Arnold rendering engine. the shader we will be creating will utilize masks to separate the wet areas from the dry areas on our geo.

In order to create the wet surface first we will look at a reference image and talk about whats type of effect we need to replicate in Maya and what settings we need to change in order to get to the result that we are after.

We will create a noise 2d texture and customize it to create our own mask and then apply this mask to the specular weight and the diffuse roughness to achieve a fast and reliable wet surface effect in Maya.

We will be using an asphalt texture with a normal map as the base texture for this scene, it will be a pretty simple material we will create an aiStandard surface material as our base material and then start customizing the look of it to achieve the desired results quickly.

The scene itself is straightforward in term of lighting we have a sky dome and a directional light as the source of the sun.

This tutorial is for all Maya skill levels, the topics we will cover in this tutorial include the following:

1- Look at reference and figure out what make a surface wet or dry in order to simulate the same effect in Maya.

2- Create a procedural mask using noise and customize it to look like puddles.

3- Apply the procedural mask to the Arnold aiStandard surface and connect to the specular weight and the diffuse roughness.

4- Talk about how adjusting the noise 2d texture can help us achieve more realistic results.

5- Achieve realistic looking wet surface that render pretty fast in Maya 2018.

6- and much more…

We hope that you will benefit from this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to ask us in the comments below and we will be happy to answer them.

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