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Solar System 3D Model Details


We enjoyed creating the solar system 3d model it was fun project to do and we had a lot of fun, this solar system 3d model have very detailed textures, it have 2k colour map and 2k bump map for each planet, these models are low to mid poly so you can easily use them and duplicate them to create your own galaxy that is far far away!

Also one of the most exciting part when we created these planets, is the dynamic atmosphere shader that will give these planets a more unique look and make them more fun and alive and less dull and dead.

This shader will react to light and the camera angle as well so the planet will have a nice atmosphere around it no matter what angle its facing the camera, just note that this shader will only work on Maya, we included “.mb” file for maya users and “.fbx” file for non Maya users.

We created textures for the earth at night time just incase you want to use a transition from day time to night time so you guys are all set.

Hope you will like and enjoy working with these models.


Click here: solar system 3d model for the full details and specs.

Sample of a planet:

• 2K color map for the surface.
• 2K bump map for the surface.
• 2K Saturn ring color map.
• Dynamic atmosphere shader “included in the “MB” file for Maya”.


Click here: solar system 3d model for the full details and specs.

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